My roots in Delaware run deep.

It’s where I was born, raised, and chose to raise my own family.

Growing up on a farm in Sussex County, I learned the values of respect, hard work, teamwork and responsibility. On the farm you learn how to weather the storms and the droughts by pulling together as a team working for a common good. I learned early on to focus on what needed to be done - regardless of how hard it might be - roll up my sleeves and get to work. Today, those same values guide me in my life as a mother, nurse, professor, and State Senator.

Working together, we can reduce public health threats like violence on our streets and cancer in our state, grow more manufacturing and technology jobs in sectors like agri-business and biotech, and provide more opportunities with state of the art schools and improved job training.

I am running for Lieutenant Governor because, at my core, I know it takes all of us working together to create the prosperity and sense of well-being that we envision for our families, communities, and state. Over the next year, I look forward to hearing your ideas for a better Delaware, and working together to make them a reality.

With your help - and your vote - we can fight together for the issues that matter most to us.